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About us

A Lifestyle brand with a big Heart

St. Augustine Beach Life is part of the BeachieLife™ that  is a lifestyle brand that aims to inspire and empower everyone to live the beachielife and create a community for beach lovers.

We believe in good vibes, spending time with our loved ones, laughing, and of course – the beach!

The brand was founded by Francine, whose love of the ocean inspires her daily. Located in Saint Augustine, Florida, we aim to provide inspiring and uplifting content and products for those who want to live an ocean-centric lifestyle and we love featuring our home town of St. Augustine Beach.

St. Augustine Beach  is located in St. Augustine, a city on the northeast coast of Florida. Founded in September  1565. 

Ocean Conservation

We love our oceans and beaches and work hard to protect them. we donate a percentage of our net profits to help the oceans, wildlife and the beaches.

Our Favorite Thing To Wear

Flipflops are our favorite footwear and a staple for all beachie lovers.​.

Sandcastles at The Beach

The tallest sandcastle ever made was 37 feet, 10 inches tall. It was constructed in Connecticut, in May of 2011.​